Natural Wellness Advice

Nourish your body temple

What is Natural Wellness

Natural wellness is making the most of what nature offers us in order to thrive. It's viewing ourselves holistically as a system greater than the sum it of our parts. In natural wellness, we aim to prevent disease before it occurs by honouring the natural rhythms and cycles of life, avoiding overexposure to the toxins that are unfortunately, unavoidable in our daily life, and eating whole, real food. To me, natural wellness is about being kind to myself and always choosing the cleanest, greenest, most natural option - weather in terms of what I eat, what I put on my skin or how I clean my house.

What I Offer

I offer Natural Wellness consultations in person or over email, and offer advice tailored to your requests and needs. Have you been thinking about making some changes? Introducing more whole foods into your diet? Cutting out processed foods? Cleaning up your skin care regime? Introducing essential oils as everyday medicine? Avoiding toxins in day-to-day living? A little bit of all of the above? By listening to your goals and needs, and working with you, I would like to guide you towards vibrant health. You set the goal and I'll help you get there. A few of my favourite subjects covered are: living clean on a budget; making every bite of food count; avoiding toxins in the home; essential oils for everyday health and medicine; making and eating real food simply, cheaply and quickly; implementing a natural skin care regimen based on skin type, and adding herbs to your life for prevention and balance.

Why I choose Natural Wellness

I am a big "real food" foodie and natural health advocate. Somewhere along my yogic path I received a powerful message to cleanse and detox... and I took it very literally. At first I rushed in, cut out all the good stuff and became a bit overwhelmed by all the information out there about avoiding toxins, eating clean and all the general natural wellness info. I made some pretty drastic changes during this time, from totally cutting out dairy products to only using lemon and bicarb to clean my house! I soon realised that I had to find balance: a balance between being a green goddess and also living in this world! Actually, I feel as though teaching this balance (which I work on daily!) is ultimately my life purpose. I will never be a hermit who lives in a cave, survives on nothing but lentils and never drinks wine. But I do care for my health, the environment and honouring my truth. That's where I would like to help you. So many people I meet along the way are interested in making some changes to facilitate more vibrant health, but it's hard to know where or how to start. The key is realising that new habits and patterns take time to create, but become more sustainable with support and if undertaken slowly.

How it works

Get In Touch to register your interest. I will send out a brief questionnaire in order to find out how I can help you. We will arrange a one-off consultation, regular consultations, a one-off email report, and regular email support or a combination of the above. All packages are tailored to suit your needs and budget.