Abstract Lights


Find your inner light

Meditation is a life changing practice…there…I said it! I know you’ve heard it a million times before but thats because its true! Meditation is a transformative life practice that brings about clarity, increased concentration and awareness, heart opening, connection to source and a profound calm bought about by coming to know the true nature of life.

Meditation isn’t difficult, it just requires practice! When you cultivate a regular meditation practice, you are able to connect to your soul self which brings about peaceful and energised states of mind and an open heart. 

The meditation that I share draws upon on many philosophies, emphasising the connection to breath with the aim of quietening the mind and activating the heart centre…...encouraging your inner light to shine! 

Meditation is currently run as a 30 minute class at the end of yoga classes. If you would like to come along just for meditation that is also so fine. 

As a bolt on to yoga: £2.00 

As a stand alone class: £5.00