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What is an essential oil? 

If you’ve ever zested a lemon and smelled that vitalising, fresh aroma that wofts into the air, you’ve experienced essential oils. Essential oils are the natural aromatic compounds found in plants that are dedicated to keeping the plant healthy. They are pure liquid magic that are extracted in many ways but to protect the healing properties, the highest  vibe oils come through steam distillation or cold expression.

Why essential oils? 

Essential oils are truly the most potent way to get the therapeutic qualities from plants. Being 50-70 times more powerful than dried herbs they are very potent. Due to the nature of the oil they work fast. A big inhalation of wild orange and you’ll instantly feel refreshed, a drop of peppermint under the tongue freshens the breath in seconds and lavender applied to a sting quickly calms, reduces discomfort and begins aiding the body in healing. 

What can oils be used for? 

EVERYTHING! Seriously! ……..There is an oil for just about all needs and requirements. Oils have been used for centuries for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits and I am here to show YOU how to bring the oils into your life in order to feel brighter, lighter, focused, fresh, happier and connected. Personally, I have slowly replaced much of my medicine cabinet, skin care regimen, supplement routine and cleaning products with essential oils. Your skin absorbs up to 60% of anything it comes into contact with, so it makes sense to use non toxic, high vibe oils wherever I can. Similarly, most generic household cleaning products can reak havoc on our endocrine, respiratory and digestive systems so I choose natural and organic cleaning products where I can. I’m sure my friends would say that my tag line is “there is an oil for that”! 

Heres how I use my oils on a day to day basis: 

Lemon - a couple of drops in my morning warm water - helps my body detox and my mind focused

Balance - a dab on the souls of the feet - helps to stay calm and grounded on a busy day 

Clary Sage - a sprinkle on the forearms or rub into belly - helps to balance hormones and eases PMT symptoms 

Peppermint - a drop under the lounge - refreshes breathe or a drop into warm water - tastier than the best peppermint tea you ever did have…and loads more potent 

Melaleuca - also know as tea tree - a dab on blemishes helps to reduce inflammation - regularly  poured onto cuts and scrapes of my 4 year old for its antiseptic properties 

Lavender - rubbed into sore skin for sooting and calming effect - drizzled on pillow to promote a good nights rest

Frankincense - taken internally to boost my immune system  - rubbed into wrists and neck to promote my inner truth and connect me with higher self

How to use essential oils….

  1. Aromatically - diffuse them. inhale from the bottle, inhale a drop from cupped hands

  2. Topically - apply directly on skin (it is recommended to dilute some of the stronger oils) 

  3. Internally - as many of Doter’s oils are food grade they are safe to ingest

How do I get these beautiful little bottles of earth magic in my life? 

You can either CONTACT ME here to arrange either a 121 oils and wellness consultation, a private workshop for you and your friends or ask me to come and speak and educate at your event. 


If you know which oils you would like to begin with, pop over to my Doterra page:

click join and save. Choose your country, select wholesale customer and follow the prompts to set up the account. 

How it works: 

Most people go for the wholesale membership option which means you get 25% off retail prices. With the membership your able to access loads of benefits like promotional offers and monthly freebies. You can also sign up for a loyalty rewards system where you can build up your oils collection month by month, accruing points to use on your next months oils. 

How do I become a member: 

  1. Start off with a kit, which has the wholesale membership included. This is a popular option as its amazing value. There is a kit for all budgets and they all include free wholesale membership.  *Click here to discover the various kits on offer:

  2. If you prefer to create your own more specific basket of oils then you can do that also - its still smart to sign up so you can still benefit from the 25% discount. To do this just pay £20 for the wholesale membership (to enjoy the 25% discount) then click away and chose your oils. 

How to become a Doterra Wellness Advocate. 

If your being drawn to do what I am doing - educating and sharing the oils whilst creating a residual income and having THE MOST FUN...then....YAY! Just get in touch any way that works best and we can talk through how you can become part of the amazing tribe of openhearted and fierce women.